Happy New Year!

Happy 2016!

I have to say, 2015 was a hell of a ride for me with ups and breakdowns, triumphs and eye-opening moments that fueled me. January 6, 2016 is special because it’ll be my 25th birthday and that’s a major milestone. I confess, I still feel like I’m locked at age 18 with a little more wisdom but learning to “adult” is a different world.

So, can I just say that having Rachel True (Half & Half) not only came to my blog but read my post about my weight loss. Get into that…

via Twitter
via Twitter

I have so much vision that I want to breathe life into and the little moments in 2015 lead me in that direction. I met Angela Davis and Laverne Cox in the same week, I saw Janet Jackson live in concert, I interviewed Amber Nash from Archer, Missy Elliott followed me on Twitter, a ton of celebrity interactions, Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly album changed my life and inspired me to write a short story — that I’ve decided to submit to a contest.

One of the standouts for me was the love I received for my article for Black Girl Nerds called, “Human Kaleidoscope: To Be Black, Quirky and Introverted” that caught the attention of actresses Rachel True and Cree Summer.  My Twitter mentions were filled with retweets, likes and beautiful responses from so many people who identified with me coming to terms with who I am and embodying that. And to think I almost didn’t write it and second guessed myself but seeing that word ‘quirky’ while randoming poking around the Black Girl Nerds site sparked the idea.

A person on Twitter suggested that I start a web series about my experiences as a “quirky, black, introvert” and thought after a while, “Why not?” Then realized that I’m awkward on camera and a little self-conscious but then after watching Amanda Seales’ hilarious Get Your Life series and her brilliant idea, I’ve been coming up with ideas!



Her curls hold the magic of the universe.
Her curls hold the magic of the universe. (And I meant to say *past) 

Goals for 2016

  • Build a stronger relationship with God and lean on him instead of temporary things to fill my void.
  • Start a web series (and I thank one of my Twitter followers & Amanda Seales for encouraging me to go for it!) 
  • Get a full-time job (with benefits – because benefits are the cherry on the sundae).
  • Get my OWN apartment and become more financially stable and responsible. The after college struggle is real and I need my own space to truly be myself, create, run around naked and be free. 
  • Have my writing published in print or digital publications like Essence, Ebony, Huffington Post, Vulture, etc. 
  • Interview more notable people! 
  • Have my own ‘Year of Yes’ (word to Shonda Rhimes) and maybe…kind of…sorta consider taking up acting as a hobby. 
  • Write a book or TV script or hell, both! 
  • And when maybe when my stuff is all together….a boo will come along? 

What are your goals for 2016?

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